Why the Google Nexus 10 (w/Android 4.3) is BOSS

  1. Today I am going to be talking about why the Google Nexus 10 is one of my favorite Android tablets of all time! The first point that makes this tablet unique is it’s curved design with speakers on the front. One of the only tablets that is actually designed with it’s speakers on the front, other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! And let me tell you, it does make a difference! There is nothing better than watching your favorite movie or TV show with the audio blasting towards your ears and not having to deal with accidentally covering up the speaker with your hand! And the speakers themselves don’t sound that bad. The speakers sound crisp and clear, and overall, I think that is a huge highlight and selling point of this device.

  1. The second reason is that this tablet runs stock Android 4.3 the way Google intended it. No skins, no bloatware, no custom UI, no crap! Every bit of the software experience is straight from Google. As far as features go, this device has all the features from the newest release of Android 4.3 (http://www.android.com/) which is awesome! And of course, there is lots of Project Butter goodness to be seen being that this device runs the version of Android known as Jelly Bean as well as TRIM support! TRIM details below: (http://www.extremetech.com/computing/162667-google-slips-trim-support-into-android-4-3-to-end-io-lag)

  1. The third reason is that the Google Nexus 10 has a 2560-by-1600 display! The highest resolution 10” tablet on the market right now! Reading and text are so sharp on this device you may as well throw that 720p Kindle or HD Nook right out the window! This screen resolution is higher than 1080p which is a standard on high resolution flat screen TV’s! This display is also higher than Apple’s current retina iPad they have to offer. High resolution pictures and HD video on the device look stellar and viewing angles are excellent.

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Refurbished Google Nexus 10 First Impressions

Build Quality:

I ordered a refurbished Google Nexus 10 32 GB tablet and received it a few weeks ago and am going to give you my first impressions of the device. The Nexus 10 has a soft touch plastic/rubber back that feels really nice in the hand and provides a good amount of grip using the device without a case. It is also very light when holding the device with one hand. Overall very nice build quality for a tablet. It also packs a 2560-by-1600 Full HD resolution display which is absolutely stunning, bright, clear, and extremely sharp. Colors pop, media and games on the screen pop, and pretty much everything you do on the screen pops. Viewing angles are also very good on the display. If you hate seeing annoying pixels on lower-end displays, definitely check out the Google Nexus 10’s screen!


The Google Nexus 10 runs the latest version of Android, 4.2.2 with project butter. This tablet performs very well and is very smooth when swiping and navigating the home screens as well as when opening apps. However, despite the tablet being a great performer with it’s dual core (very fast) processor with 2 GB of RAM, I still notice every now and then occasional lag, app crashes, and freezes. These flaws are minor though and do not take away from the device’s overall solid, fast experience. Android 4.2 on the Nexus 10 packs features such as multi-user support which allows each person who uses the tablet and create their very own accounts free from other user’s data, as well as NFC support which allows data transformation between two devices with NFC. The Android 4.2 OS also features Google Now, which we have all come to love, as well as the photosphere camera mode (only available on stock Android 4.2) and gesture typing built into the stock keyboard. Also, because this is a Nexus device, it will receive all firmware updates, straight from Google! So no worrying about any delays or waits for new software!

Using the Nexus 10:

My experience with the Google Nexus 10 has been absolutely fantastic. Android 4.2 is great, fast and intuitive, with a clean, uncluttered interface (which can be changed with third party launcher’s anyway). The hardware is very nice, solid and overall it’s just an awesome device! Overall, if you love using Google services, you would like to receive instant updates from Google, and you want all the features of stock Android 4.2… then definitely check out the Google Nexus 10!